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Giannis Taking A Giant Dump On The NBA’s “Superteams” Made The Bucks Winning It All Worth It

Giannis didn’t just win a title. He didn’t just win an MVP. This Greek Freak won over an entire nation. The dude was already super likeable going into the Finals, but now after winning, he’s skyrocketed. Especially after ripping every NBA superstar who took the easy way out and teamed up with other elite athletes. *cough* LeBron, K.D. *cough* James Harden, Anthony Davis *cough* I could keep going, but more than three consecutive coughs in the era of covid will get people looking.

But the fact that Giannis undid his pants and took a dump on all those guys is all too perfect. Especially only days after LeBron released a movie where the entire plot is built around him putting together a super team. It’s too perfect. My man won in Milwaukee of all places. In an era where only major-market coastal teams seem to win. And in his first 3 seasons, his teams combined for an 80-something and 115-ish record (I should probably look this up, but you catch my drift). He didn’t bow out and join a more successful franchise. No. This dude elevated his own. And it worked. Props to him. Take notes, Dame Lillard. Go the Giannis route. It’s harder, but it’s gotta be so much more rewarding. I feel the same way about fandom. I hate fans who give up on their teams that suck. If it was easy to be a fan of the Bengals – for example – everyone would do it. But instead, it’s the pain that molds you. Look at Bane. Dude was a badass. Because he born in the darkness. Sure he ended up dying. But let it be a lesson that when things go dark, stay the course. And eventually, the payoff will be so much sweeter. As it was for Giannis. The dude walked the walk, so now talk your talk, king.

Also, can someone please give this man Chick-fil-A for life???


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