Saturday, April 13, 2024

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‘Get Up’ Asks Should The Lakers Rest Their Starters For Game 5? Time To Dust Off The Ol’ Take Siren!

It’s been a minute since we’ve dusted off the Take Siren. But this seems like the perfect take for it. Because this is an all-time Take Siren. Hell, this is a Take Tornado Siren. A siren with so much juice it needs to be tested on the first Monday of every month. SHOULD THE LAKERS REST THEIR STARTERS FOR GAME 5?! This feels like something we would tweet tagged with a PEOPLE ARE ASKING! According to take artist Mike Greenberg, the Lakers, who lead their series against the Warriors 3-1, need to rest their starters for Game 5 because there’s no chance they win. Why stop there, Greeny? Why not sit them for the rest of the season? Keep them fresh for next year. Maybe sit them forever? Keep ’em fresh for retirement leagues. I mean, that certainly is a take. But it feels like something a producer put on a show rundown as a joke and Greeny just Ron Burgundy’d it because it was written on the teleprompter. Or hell, did this come about because of the writers’ strike? Personally, I’ve always felt like we don’t need 24-hour news networks, because sometimes, there just isn’t any news. And I’m starting to lean that way with 24-hour sports networks. Especially if we have shows with showrunners who just let topics like this slide. I mean, sure, do you need to give LeBron and A.D. their rest? Yes. And are the Warriors a million times better at home this season than they are on the road? Yes. And will Steph Curry and Draymond be locked in to keep their legacies and title defense alive? Yes. And ohmygahhh, have I come around on this take? SHOULD THE LAKERS REST THEIR STARTERS? I guess people ARE asking.


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