Get A Young-Looking Haircut

Apparently, famous celebrities and athletes get their haircut too. Or at least they used to. SI Vault released this photo of former BYU Cougar (the animal mascot, not an older woman on the prowl) and San Francisco 49er, Steve Young, getting a little taken off the top during his days at Bringham Young University.

Judging by the smiles on everyone’s faces (except for that creepy brunette, who we’ll call Susan, sitting on the floor staring a hole through Steve) it seems to be like a good time. Hanging out in the ole dorm room, Morman Bible in hand, watching the girl who we’ll call Janet, who dare I say is rocking that sweater vest like it’s nobody’s business, cut Steve’s hair. And who says Mormons don’t have fun?!

Please also take note of the “Some Bear Over The Rainbow” poster with a teddy bear’s leg caught on a bunch of balloons flying away hanging on the wall. If that doesn’t scream “COLLEGE!” then I don’t what will?!

Meanwhile, Susan is still staring at Steve.

Steve Young is obviously the coolest guy in the room, because not only is he telling a funny story while he gets his haircut, and not only are all eyes in the room on him (including Susan), but he is also rocking that chair just like A.C. Slater. (Heck, it’s more like A.C. Slater rocks his chair like Steve Young) I would call Steve Young a bad ass, but I don’t think they allow swear words at BYU.

WAIT… Where did Susan go? Oh yeah, she is still sitting on the floor gazing into Steve’s eyes.

Steve, in this picture, is probably saying: “Yeah, it’s actually a little known fact that you don’t even need your pinkie finger. I’m thinking about cutting mine off. I think it would be radical if someone only had four fingers.” All the while, Susan, who in her white pants even though it’s AFTER Labor Day, is taking mental notes. Not realizing Steve is being facetious, Susan will go home and cut off her pinkie finger out of sheer love for Steven Young.

And then there are the two people on the bed sitting against the wall. We’ll call them Jim and Linda. Jim may or may not have a blonde mustache but is playing it cool because he just came from Mormon Bible study. He’s hoping to get lucky with Linda tonight. And by lucky, I mean maybe put his arm around her or just talk to her about R rated films. Of course that is if Linda accepts his stench. Jim is rocking the Sperrys with no socks meaning nothing other than stinky feet when those shoes come off.

And then there is the fifth wheel Susan, who is either the awkward roommate who sticks around when either Linda or Janet invite their friends over OR she was walking down the hall, poked her head in to see the other four having fun, and invited herself in to sit on the floor. God love her. Excuse me, Joseph Smith love her.

Leave us a comment with your own interpretation of this picture.

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    July 18, 2010 at 3:36 pm

    Technically isn’t it always after Labor Day?


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