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Friday Fun (The Make It Rain Edition)

Adam “Pacman” Jones (not to be mistaken with the Baltimore Orioles’ Adam “Sac-Man” Jones who had the game winning RBI in Tuesday night’s MLB All-Star Game) has surfaced in the news again today. He’s like a Black Eyed Peas song… Even though everyone finds him annoying, he keeps getting air time.

Pac is in the news again for the same 2007 Las Vegas strip club incident. Only this time, it’s because video evidence has been released.

Let me warn you before you watch it though, it’s really really classy. I’m talking so classy that you feel like you are watching a débutante ball. If you have no respect for PacMan now, after watching this video, your respect for him will blow up faster than a stick of ACME dynamite. PacMan, you are one class act!

So watch with us now, Adam Jones’s Résumé tape for the 2009-2010 NFL Season. (Teams will be waiting in line for a chance to hire him now!)

This video tells us only one thing… PacMan is friends with Nelly?!

If Jones cannot find work with an NFL team this season, he plans on interviewing at WKRN News Channel 2 in Nashville to work as a weather man. It should be a pretty easy job for him since he knows how to “make it rain.”

P.S. How does it take over 2 years for a tape like this to surface?


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