Friday Fun: Babies and Basketball

You all have probably heard about the Dude Perfect guys by now. They’re a group of six guys who go around and attempt ridiculous basketball trick shots. They got famous through YouTube and have now signed a deal with GMC Trucks and do trick shots professionally. However, you can watch thousands of videos on YouTube of grown men and little kids attempt and make trick shots. Big whoop.

There is only one video on the entire internets that features a baby doing trick shots.*

* – I have not seen every single video on the internet so I can’t claim this statement to be true, but I haven’t seen any others. Also, I haven’t seen any babies claiming to be the younger version of Dude Perfect like this video does.

Literally, this little baby is more of a pure shooter than Big Baby. Then again, the more that I think about it, who isn’t more of a pure shooter than Big Baby? Oh yeah, him.

The info section on this video says:

Canon loves watching all the Dude Perfect videos with daddy. I came home one afternoon and Canon was shooting shots from the top of the couch, so we decided to let him make his own Dude Perfect video. Most of the shots only took him one or two attempts. If you end up watching this Dude Perfect Guys… you have a 21 month old that loves your stuff.

This kid has either a bright future in basketball, basketball trick shots, or hustling. “I bet you I can make this shot…” Boom! Free cash money!

Anyway, enjoy this video and enjoy your Friday. It’s finally the weekend!


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