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Friday Fun

• It’s Friday! Let’s have some fun! •

It’s the day after Thursday. Wear Your College Colors Day. I don’t think anyone actually participated in it, but I like the idea, and it will catch on more and more as time goes on. Kinda like Swine Flu.

Today’s Friday Fun brings you a parody of the NBC sitcom, The Office. Onl this rendition is brought to you by the Kansas City Chiefs. It’s actually worth watching. Not that bad, pretty funny at parts.


Austin hosts a country music morning radio show in Chicago after nearly a decade in sports talk radio (The Jim Rome Show, Steve Gorman SPORTS!) Colin Cowherd and Smash Mouth follow him on Twitter and he wears pants every day.


One thought on “Friday Fun

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    September 4, 2009 at 7:05 pm

    The Chiefs suck. Quit spending money on this garbage and go buy and offensive line. That being said, the Pam in this video is smokin'!


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