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Freedom Open (French Open)

Holy French Open winner, Batman.

Ladies. It’s time to get off the sports blog-o-sphere and into tennis. If you haven’t heard, there was a tennis match this past weekend. While I can’t tell you how to keep score in tennis any better than a baby can mow the lawn, I can tell you who took home that Crunk Cup. Drum roll, please…

Okay, here he kind of looks cross-eyed, but his name is Rafael Nadal.  While his name gives away the fact that his parents were big Ninja Turtle fans and that they might have wanted their son to be more of a “crime fighter” of sorts, Rafael seems to have found his niche.

Rafael is a brand new 25 year old (born on June 3, 1986) (thanks Wikipedia for making me a super creep) and this was his SIXTH French Open Victory!? By age 25, most guys have managed to play a lot of video games and dabble in ultimate frisbee. Not this one. He spends all of his time speaking Spanish and having hair that most girls would kill for.

Rafael Nadal is out there playing tennis for the whole world to see. Let’s not disappoint him. I say that tennis becomes the biggest sport in America for women to watch. Let’s record the matches on our DVR and then invite all of our friends over to watch it and maybe even take trips to Paris to watch the French Open and sit in the front row and eat crepes. Maybe with signs that have my phone number encouraging him to call.

I mean worst case scenario, this guy calls you instead…

This is actually not that bad of a worse case scenerio…

Yes, I will have coffee with you.

As you can see, tennis is a very important sport. Ladies, I think we owe it to ourselves to pay more attention.  Yes, the men are usually wearing headbands, but it’s not like we haven’t made bad decisions before (i.e. Dr. Pepper flavored lip gloss on a first date). Let’s give tennis a chance. Let’s give Rafael a chance. Let’s at least try and find him to ask him in person. Or at least see if he wants to go see a movie or something?

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