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Football Season’s Good, Great, and Ugly

Football season is right on the cusp. You can feel it. Well, not literally feel it. I’m not quite sure how you would feel football season? However, high school seasons have started, college seasons begin this week, and the pros, well… they don’t start for another two weeks. And to think, they get paid.

Whether you’re in the mood for football season or not, you’ve come to the right place. Because if you’re not ready, these videos will get you ready. And if you ARE ready, well, we’ll get you even more ready!

Of course, we must give this disclaimer. With football season comes the good, the great, and the ugly. That’s right, you must take it all with football season.

So we have videos to prepare you with it all.


This hit has got to be one of the best hits of the NFL Preseason thus far. Goodness, Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Assante Samuel hit the Ole Miss out of Kansas City Chief rookie Dexter McCluster. I think it’s safe to say that hurt.


For those of you with fantasy football drafts coming up, there are a few NFL players that want you to pick them for your team. You may be asking yourself, “Why would I want to draft these guys?” Well, allow them to show you first hand.

And for anyone who doesn’t think this video is real, check yo’self. We found this on the internet! And there is nothing on the internet that isn’t true. Just ask Wikipedia!


I could use this time to rip into who is believed to be the only female high school varsity head coach in the country right now. Not just because she’s a woman doing a man’s job, but she’s a woman who’s not doing a man’s job. In her season debut, Natalie Randolph’s team lost 28-0. In a post game interview Randolph said, “We got all the kinks out and we know what we have to do for next week.” What’s that? Find a new coach? Maybe a coach with a Y chromosome?

You may think I’m a schovenistic pig. In which my response to that is: I am not a pig! Women can coach many things, I just don’t think football is one of them. They also shouldn’t be allowed to vote or drive.

But I am not going to use this “UGLY” segment for the only woman head high school varsity football coach in the country. Instead I’m going to use it for another high school football play. Or lack there of.

This quite possibly could be the worst football play you’ll ever see in your life. There must be a woman coaching this high school team too.


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