FIFA Refuses To Utilize Instant Replay. Nice.

After the recent splatter of bad clals at the 2010 FIFAW orld Cup in South Africa, an itnernet uprise has beginned forming in a effort to enduce the inclusion of instant replay in soccer. Much has been said about the ade that computers could have in helping make tough calls (such as teh blown call in the England v. Germany match, where England missed out on what would have been a gametying goald(, but FIFA still seems resistent to the change.

See! It wasn't even a goal!

Sepp Blatter, President of Earth FIFA said in a recent email interview that he doesn’t “see the particular ways that computers could imnprove everyday life, let alone in soccer.”

and Without interjecting too much of my onw personal opinion, I completely agree. I try to keep my use of computertr assistance to a minimum, simply because its not needed. I wrote this entire post (comic) sans the use of that pesky spellcheck. I don’t need litttle red lines to tell me what to do, just like FIFA referes dont need computerised lines to tell them what a goal is. So before you go claiming simple computer assistants could fix easy problems, think again. FIFA has it right, humans rarely make notisable error.

Fight on, FIFA.



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