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Here at Korked Bats, we’re convinced this internet thing is more than just a fad.  We’re big fans of all things the internet has to offer, like all of our favorite TV shows on demand (TV Shack), shooting kittens at random objects (Kitten Cannon), and the complete history of ninjas and what makes them great (Real Ultimate Power).

But one of the most entertaining parts of the internet that we’re sure won’t go away is Twitter.  Sure, you may know we have a couple twitter accounts of our own (@KorkedBats and @LadiesRoomKB).  But one of the things we truly enjoy about Twitter is following fake athletes.  Let’s be honest, real athletes are getting more boring with each fine they have to pay for their Twitter antics.  But fake athletes?  These guys have nothing to lose.  So we’ve compiled a list of our favorite fake athletes, and some of their greatest tweets, for your viewing pleasure.

Adam Morrison

For someone who hasn’t played a significant minute since his college days, the fake Twitter account Adam Morrison (@UnAdamMorrison) is surprisingly entertaining.  Like, more entertaining than watching an awkwardly mustached grown man cry.

Mike Dunleavy

As a former coach and GM for the Clippers (among other teams), Dunleavy has been much lambasted for his tenure in Los Angeles.  But the tweet below (from @NotMikeDunleavy) would have gone a long way towards reconciling the differences between him and his players.

Peyton Manning

Now we’ll be the first to admit we’re more than a little partial to this next particular fake Twitter account.  But in fairness, to mimic an athlete (and even his head in this matter) that most people love and believe to be genuinely funny, it takes skill.  And skill is exactly what @PeytonsHead has.  Below are just a couple of our favorites.

Jay Cutler

Perhaps the best fake-tweeter is @NotJayCutler.  Whether it’s random thoughts from an overrated quarterback, or timely jabs at his on-the-field disappointing performances, you can always get a laugh from this fake tweeter.

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