Thursday, September 28, 2023

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Everyone an Expert on Olympic Sport They Played When They Were Four

The London Olympics are well underway, which means lesser-known sports will get thrust into the limelight as they only can once every four years. Luckily for everyone within listening distance, every person you know is an expert on that sport that’s on right now, since they used to play it when they were four.

Emily Mosier, a gymnast from the age of three until age seven, said she “was especially excited to watch gymnastics,” since she, “just understands it better than you because I totally did this. I lived it. Gymnastics is hard.”

Despite never being able to cartwheel, let alone do a flip, Mosier continued, “That flip thing you just saw is so hard! I shrieked and almost cried when that one girl, Amanda, I think, fell. It was so sad.”

Steven Broadus, a guy who swam JV in high school for a couple of years, began jumping up and down during the Women’s 100 meter breast stroke semi-finals.

“You don’t even understand how clutch that was! That’s like the equivalent of four touchdowns! That sort of thing just doesn’t happen!”

Broadus then went into a long anecdote about why he quit swimming, citing a couple of injuries and a “distinct feeling that I wouldn’t be the man I am today,” had he kept going. On a recent Facebook post Broadus posted:

Anywhere and everywhere, experts are popping up to explain why that particular sport is better than any other Olympic sport, but also helping to remind you that they understand the sport better than you, and are still connected to it on a deeper level than you could ever hope to understand, despite the fact that they haven’t played the sport since the Clinton Administration. Thank goodness they are here for us fledgling know-nothings.

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