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Even If Odell Beckham Jr.’s Dad Is Right, He’s Still Wrong For His Awful Attempt At Screengrabbing A Video With His Phone

I dare you to watch that video.

Not just for its ungodly length (an 11-minute video is the Internet’s version of a Ken Burns documentary) or the endless list of hashtags that no one is searching, but for an attempt to not get a crick in your neck.

Whipping out your phone and showing people a video of your kid has to be the 2021 version of whipping out your wallet and showing off pictures of your kids. No one wanted to see it back then so why would anyone want to now? Especially when it’s so poorly ripped off of someone else’s YouTube video.

If you like watching YouTube videos so much, OBS, then why not look up one on how to properly download a video from the internet. Or at the very least, how to screengrab and crop or screengrab with a rotation. Because this crap just annoys the hell out of everyone. You turn your phone to watch in landscape, and it flips to portrait because the person didn’t record it right. There are few things worse. And yeah, this may sound like a first-world problem but guess what? This is the first world. And it’s a problem. If Odell Beckham Sr.’s screen recording skills are any indication, then his son must be hella annoying to be around. No wonder his team kicked him off.

Even if you’re absolutely right in an argument, you don’t want to be annoying in delivering your argument. And this video is.

All I’ll say on this whole Odell Beckham Jr. thing is it seems to be the same story with every new chapter. What’s the one constant in all of this? Odell. You mean to tell me Baker has missed on some throws? Shocker! But isn’t it more nuanced than that? It’s so easy for any old dud (or dad) to grab the All-22 and claim someone was wide-open. But how can you determine that based off a video recorded 250 feet in the air? You know defenders read the eyes of a quarterback right? Maybe said player was only wide open because a defender veered off to follow the eyes of the quarterback going through his reads. Plus, let’s not forget the fact that Baker Mayfield is only slightly taller than Kevin Hart. How do you know that oompa loompa could even see his wideout with a pass rush in his face. Another reason why said wideout appeared wide open from the eye in the sky. I know “the eye in the sky never lies,” but it does stretch the truth at times. Just like when you tell your girl she looks great in her outfit just because you don’t want her to change for the third time before going out.

Screenshot Guy might be one of the worst people in football. This doofus will also take a photo of his paused TV screen to drive home his point. But a freeze-frame in the NFL is about as pointless as players wearing eyeblack for night games. Players cover so much ground in less than a second. So a hole that might appear massive or a player who might appear open might not actually be on the field. I just hate when people share screengrabs as absolute truths. An NFL play that only takes up 6 seconds on average is so much more nuanced than a screengrab. It’s not black and white. Anyway, thanks for coming to my TED Talk.

Also, one more thing…

This is another gripe with Odell’s dad is that he’s essentially just another F*ck Jerry or Fat Jew, stealing someone else’s content and getting all the clicks and views for his own account. As a regular content creator on the internet, those people suck. There are retweet buttons and share buttons for a reason. Then again, I can’t expect a guy who doesn’t know how to do a simple screen record to know where the hell a share button would be.


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