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Don’t Go To Arnold’s House


If Arnold Schwarzenegger invites you to his house, be cautious.

He probably isn’t inviting you over to clean his house.  I will walk you through a few popular ways that Arnold can and will try and get you into his house (and into his heart). كيفية لعب القمار  Do not fall for him, no matter how many Terminator movie quotes he throws at you.

He could say that he is inviting you over to show you his muscles. (Say no, you can look those pictures up on the internet.)

He could say he is inviting you over to talk about his all time classic Christmas Movie, Jingle all the Way. (This is a trap.  Nobody goes anywhere to talk about that movie.) (Unless you are Ice T.) (The rapper, not the refreshing southern beverage.)

He could say he is inviting you over to talk about the time he was pregnant.  (Arnold was just pregnant in a movie.  Not real life.  Do not feel like you should let your guard down because he “knows how hard your pregnancy is.”)

He could say that he is inviting you over to talk about the upcoming election. (Arnold has no chance.) (He is looking for a little less conversation.)

He might try and get you to his house by employing you.  During this bad economy, any job is better than no job, right? ألعاب الروليت  (NO!  9-months later you may or may not have a baby that looks kind of like this.)

If you are a mildly attractive woman under the age of 47, Arnold could be after you next.  This could include women that kind of look like those GEICO commercial caveman people. كيفية الرهان على كرة القدم  He isn’t necessarily picky.  He is just looking for love.  He could come looking for love in a place near you.

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  • Avatar
    May 19, 2011 at 12:38 pm

    favorite part: he is looking for a little less conversation.

    ha. perfect.

    and good use of elvis. right now the word elvis looks really strange. maybe because i keep seeing pelvis. that’s arnold’s fault, too.


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