Do Houston Astros Are Cheaters Beers! (But Don’t Get Butt Hurt Like Astros Fans Have)

Think that can can’t get any more perfect? What if I told you there was beer inside?

Incredible. I know this isn’t a WE DOIN’ BEERS?! post and I’m certainly no Professor Grit, but I’m going to go ahead and give that can a 10/10. Perfect score. Not just for rocking the beauty of those awesome Houston Astros throwbacks, but because it’s also ripping the ‘Stros for cheating their asses off in 2017.

Of course, since Astros fans appear to be just as awful as their team, they’ve apparently attempted legal action against this brewery.

Imagine your favorite baseball team cheating, admitting to cheating, half-ass apologizing for cheating, and a brewery making fun of your team for cheating, and then you decide to take legal action against them for making fun of the cheating your team admitted to doing. Wouldn’t be me.

Look, Astros fans should take the next 365 days off. Consider it an extended quarantine. Anything you try to do or say to defend your team is only going to make things worse. No one wants to hear it.

Props to Departed Soles Brewery for taking the high road and trying to turn some good out of this.

Who ever gets their hands on one of these, do the damn beer and tweet it at us: @korkedbeers.

Oh, and in case you don’t remember just how awful the Astros were during their “apology” tour, we made this video breaking it all down.


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