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Dirk. Made Out Of Legos.

I’ve always been told that “champions are born.” However, these Lego maniacs have proved that, “champions can also be built.” It’s discoveries like these that make me realize that there are literally millions of people with a lot more time on their hands than me.

It took nearly 41,000 Legos to build this life-size replica of Dallas Mavericks power forward Dirk Nowitzki. (The Lego model of Dirk is on the right.) That’s about 40,980 Legos more than a grown man should be playing with. And not to be nit-picky, but I don’t believe that basketball is regulation size. كيفية لعبة البوكر I mean, it’s cool you made a life-size Dirk Nowitzki, but why make a life-size Dirk Nowitzki if you’re going to make him hold a Fisher Price basketball? كازينو ٨٨٨

They also made an actual life-size Lego model of J. العاب قمار مجانا J. Barea. Here’s a picture:


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