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Diego Maradona Has Special Request

Argentina coach Diego Maradona is to get luxury toilets at the World Cup

If you’re like me, you have absolutely no idea who the man pictured above is other than that he looks to coach soccer and stands diagonally. Well, his name is Diego Maradona and he coaches the Argentina national soccer team. (I’m assuming that’s what you call the team referred to as “Argentina” in the World Cup. I Don’t know how this stuff works.) Anyway, according to reports, Diego had the Argentine Football Association put in a special request to accommodate one of his peculiar needs. What was it he requested?


Inti Mist

The World’s Best Toilet Seat

Makes a great Holiday, Birthday or Anniversary gift!

A gift that will be remembered for years… and actually used every day!

The IntiMist simply replaces the existing toilet seat on most toilets!

Only $449.95

That’s right. Argentina’s soccer coach has requested the “World’s Best Toilet Seat”. Maradona’s toilets will include new wash basins, toilet bowls, cisterns, taps and E-Bidet luxury toilet seat. You can visit the site and view videos if for some reason you feel the need to do such a pointless thing by clicking here.

I must say this is the only soccer story I’ve ever found enjoyable. Thank you Diego Maradona, you and your high bathroom standards.

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