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Did Colts DB Julian Blackmon Comment On A Korked Bats Blog 7 Months After It Was Posted? An Investigation

Today I noticed that Korked Bats got a comment on a blog post from just over 7 months ago.

The comment came from an @colts.com email address which piqued my interest right away. Did someone who works for the team somehow stumble on this blog and comment on it months after the fact? Ummm, cool, I guess? A little loser-ish, but then again, what would you expect from a team that missed out on the playoffs by losing to the Jaguars in front of a crowd full of literal clowns.

However, then I looked at what blog this Colts employee chose to comment on. And it was this blog:

That blog was a blog that absolutely destroyed Julian Blackmon for making these comments prior to the Colts’ first game against the Tennessee Titans.

So it’s blog ripping Julian Blackmon a new one for talking trash before playing Derrick Henry and–WAIT A MINUTE… Wasn’t the person who commented also named Julian? *checks* Yes.

Ok, so what? Big whoop. A lot of people on the internet write under aliases. However, that email address – jumpmanju@colts.com – is oddly specific. Especially for a guy who goes by Jumpman Juice on Instagram.

And hold up… let’s check that Twitter account.

Ok, this is getting weird. That Twitter account, JumpManJu32, is almost identical to the Colts’ staffer email address.

But again, it’s not definitive.

Anyone could plug in any kind of email address to drop a comment. If I wanted to leave a comment, I could make my name Brendan Fraser with the email address DerrickHenry4eva69@hotmail.com (which may or may not be my real email address), and the comment would still post. So I had to dig even deeper.

So I looked up the IP address provided from the comment. It showed me the comment was made from here:

This person posted from Bloomington, which is about a one-hour drive from Indianapolis. That might be a little far for a Colts player to commute every day to believe it was Julian commenting from home. However, Bloomington is home to the University of Indiana. And the comment was made on April 30th of this year. So maybe he was getting some rehab work in down there before the start of OTA’s? Then again, that seems a little unlikely as he posted this photo a day later on May 1st, which appears to be in a Colts facility and not a Hoosiers one.

It’s not impossible to think maybe he made the drive up the next day, but it’s tough to connect the dots.

The second round of Colts OTA’s started this week, and Julian did make his long-awaited return to the practice field after shredding his Achillies last season.

So maybe he was just really feeling himself? Maybe he gets off the practice field or finished with some rehab work and wanted to google himself? Maybe he was looking for some old blog articles from comedic sports blogs to print out and hang in his locker as bulletin board material? I dunno, but to each his own, I guess?

Or this whole thing could just be some bored IU student in summer school looking to kill time by commenting as if he’s the DB getting blasted in the blog post. Either way, it’s pretty lame to flex in late April over a game that happened last September.

And as for the comment itself… I guess he’s right? For him personally, at least. I mean, no, Julian Blackmon did not get Earl Thomas’d, Josh Norman’d, or Alexander Myers’d, but the Colts also didn’t do that great of a job of stopping Derrick Henry. Sure, Julian put up an impressive 11 tackles, which was – by far – the best game of his career. Guess I can see why he was named the 2017 Heart of Dallas Bowl MVP. But it’s not like that game put him on the map as he proceeded to put up only 14 tackles combined in the three following games of his injury-shortened season. Oh, and Derrick Henry – the guy he said they would tackle – put up 144 total yards in a game the Titans won 25-16. Not to mention, he did THIS to Darius Leonard:

Oh, and he did this to you:

Credit: Steve Roberts-USA TODAY Sports

So yeah, Julian… if it is ACTUALLY Julian… I’d say it aged pretty damn well. Hell, it aged better than your head coach has since joining the franchise.

If there are any cool kids out there who are internet sleuths, help us out. Can you pinpoint if this is him? I guess I could email him myself, but no telling if a reply would come back. But any KB fans who wanna do some deeper digging, let’s solve this thing.


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