Dear Knicks, Hire Metta World Peace As Head Coach, You Cowards!

The New York Knicks fired David Fizdale, and believe it or not, someone is actually interested in becoming the next Knicks head coach to be fired.

And wouldn’t ya know it… it’s none other than Ron Artest, aka Metta World Peace, aka Panda’s Friend, aka I don’t have any more time to list the rest of his names.


That’s funny. I do believe it IS available.


Pretty ironic for the man responsible for the Malice in the Palace to “block out the fans,” but I digress.


Whoa, hold your cards close to the vest, Metta.


If the New York Knicks don’t hire Metta World Peace IMMEDIATELY, then they’re massive idiots.

Well, even if they DO hire Metta World Peace, the last two decades or so proved to us that they are idiots. But this will only prove they’re double idiots.

Honestly, why wouldn’t you hire Metta World Peace as your head coach? What are they afraid of? Losing?

Pretty sure they’re going to do that no matter who they hire.

Are they afraid Metta might lose his cool and jump into the stands again? So what? Wouldn’t be the first time an ex-NBAer was ejected from Madison Square Garden for being “violent” (cough Charles Oakley cough).

All signs point to the fact that Metta World Peace should be the Knicks new head coach. He’s an NBA legend. He’s got a great smile. Oh, and he’s got a NBA ring under his belt. And I say that literally. Metta seems like the kind of guy who keeps rings under his belt. Odd, I know.

Look, Knicks, take this as a positive. For the first time since Jeff Van Gundy, someone is actually interested in being the next head coach to be fired by you guys. Why not take advantage? Sign Metta up. You can probably get him for cheap, and let this wild train ride.

Hell, we all know it’s been a rough decade for the Knicks.

Now shut up and enjoy the game.


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