David Price Always Looks Bored

Are we keeping you from something, David Price?

It sure looks like we are. Because this Tampa Bay Rays pitcher always looks bored. Which is presumably understandable playing in the national headquarters of retired old people.* However, you may not believe us. In fact, I’m sure one of you will comment on this post saying, “I know David Price personally, and he smiles all the time!” To that, we say: First, do you want us to pick up that name drop for you? Real cool, you know David Price.** So what? Second, I bet that’s true. But for the sake of this being funny, we collected images of David Price looking bored. So keep to yourself for now, please.

* – Not factual. It’s probably Miami or Orlando.

** – Could you hook us up with an autograph?

So David, cheer up. There is a lot to be excited about! Like friendship, hugs, and Vanderbilt Football Vanderbilt academics!


Austin hosts a country music morning radio show in Chicago after nearly a decade in sports talk radio (The Jim Rome Show, Steve Gorman SPORTS!) Colin Cowherd and Smash Mouth follow him on Twitter and he wears pants every day.


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