Date Needed, STAT

Have you ever been invited to your boss’s wedding? It is different then just getting an invitation to your buddy from college’s wedding. There is a different level of professionalism that comes in to play. Well, not only is it my boss, but it’s my boss for this VERY FUNNY SPORTS BLOG THAT I WRITE FOR. Yeah.

Here is my delima. Who do I invite to be my date?!

This is always a nerve racking question anyway, because you are not just asking someone to be your date to a movie or to the skating rink. Nope. You are asking someone to get dressed up. Bring you flowers. Pick you up at your house. Take you to a place where two people are going to profess their undying love for each other. Then they have to dance. Then they have to take you home.

That is a lot to survive in one date.

So, I will be looking for a date that will impress my boss with the following:

1. Their dancing skills

2. How handsome they look in a suit.

3. Their ability to make a group of strangers laugh.

4. Their knowledge of sports.

5. How much they look like they played sports in high school.

6. How many twitter followers they have.

If you know of any men or lady gaga that fall under any or all of these guidelines, please have them contact me directly. 867-5309. Okay, I feel like you should know that is not my phone number. It’s Jenny’s. I don’t really feel like it’s safe to give out my phone number on the internet.

So email me at: erin@korkedbats.com

I will be accepting dance videos and applications.

Please hurry. Time is of the essence.

• • •

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