Confessions from The Ladies Room

It’s time for me to come clean on a few things and just speak my mind on others.


I only know about the NBA Playoffs because of Twitter.

Second Confession:

I only know the Nashville Predators are still in the playoffs because my boss shaved his playoff beard.

I think. It was never that noticeable to begin with.

I was a fair-weather Predators fan, but as soon as I jumped on the bandwagon, they lost. Then I was like, Predators who?

What happened to Jeremy Lin?

Heck, what happened to Bobby Fischer?!

Nobody knows.

For either.

Third Confession:

Baseball. I like baseball players. I like eating nachos and hotdogs. I like spring. I like those baseball t-shirts that they sell at Walmart.

BUT, the baseball season is like three hundred years long. I am an American. (I think) I’m in Generation X and I have a very short attention span.

Maybe it’s because my “home team” is the Seattle Mariners and they weren’t fun to watch since 1997.

Fourth and Final Confession:

When I saw that Patrick Ewing Jr. had Twitter, I got really excited that Patrick Ewing had Twitter. Then I realized that it wasn’t Patrick Ewing, but in fact, his son. His junior.

I haven’t loved the NBA since the Space Jam years.

Oh, One Last Confession:

I can do a really awesome Cousin It impression.

• • •

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