Saturday, June 22, 2024

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Christopher Lloyd Posted A Very Ominous Tweet About The “Future” And It Took All Of Our Minds To One Place

The only two people who aren’t allowed to tweet the word future without us overreacting are Christopher Lloyd and Russell Wilson.

And the former has. In fact, for the last two days, the inventor of the flux capacitor has been extremely ominous online, including today, the anniversary of the invention of the flux capacitor. And if you love these movies even half as much as I do, then this should have you extremely intrigued. I need to know. Even their posts on Instagram have been interesting:

And the comment by Marty only makes it more ominous.

Now, let’s be honest with ourselves, this has the potential to be one of two things.

1. A teaser for some promotional item that isn’t as cool as the promotion leading up to it

This is the more likely outcome, especially considering Doc and Marty’s most recent tweets.

Womp, womp. I’d be willing to bet BTTF is entering the NFT game or something like that. Which, in my opinion, is boring news, but still better news than the only other thing I think it could be…

2. BTTF is getting rebooted

This is extremely less likely, and I hope, is NOT the case. But in this day and age, always a possibility. Hollywood’s next original idea will be their first in decades. And sure, Robert Zemekis and Bob Gale have repeatedly said the Back To The Future franchise will never be rebooted as long as they’re alive. Nor should it. It’s the perfect film. In fact, USC’s film school teaches it as such. So to reboot it with something like Timothee Chamalet or Tom Holland as Marty would just be sacrilege. But it always worries me that one day they will, because greed always wins in America. To the disservice of the rest of us. Somewhere in the future someone is walking around with a screenplay to a BTTF reboot, which would be more detrimental to all of us than Biff having his hands on the Gray’s Sports Almanac.

Anyway, happy “Doc slipped on his porcelain toilet seat while hanging a picture and bumped his head leading him to the image of the flux capacitor which is what makes time travel possible” day.


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