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Chizik: “Being Great Is Really Expensive.”

One really important thing about always being in the national spotlight is timing. If you’re a actor, athlete, politician, or Rebecca Black, it’s important to remember that everything you say or do will be recorded and posted to the public. So if you are in the public spotlight, you must make sure that things you do and say come at timely manner.

For example, in 1994, during the public trial of a lifetime, it would have been bad for O.J. Simpson to say, “Gah, I could kill for this trial to end soon.” Another example would be, if shortly after being released from rehab, Lindsay Lohan decided to go to a Chicago Bulls game wearing a Carlos Boozer jersey. Or it’d also be a bad idea if Charlie Sheen said anything. At any time.

It’s all just a case of poor timing. Something Auburn football head coach Gene Chizik apparently knows nothing of.

Sports By Brooks featured a video of Chizik giving a motivational talk to his players after the Tiger’s spring football game.

CREDIT: ESPN / ESPNU by sportsxbrooks

Chizik to players: “Being great is what?
Auburn players: “Expensive
Chizik to players: “Being great is what?
Auburn players: “Expensive
Chizik to players: “Gonna cost you a lot, gonna cost you a lot. But we can get there. Saw a lot of good flashes of some things that happened, today. But being great is really expensive.”

Of all of the sports analogies a head football coach can make, Chizik uses “being great is expensive” only months after Auburn was scrutinized for paying their Heisman trophy winning quarterback $180,000 in his recruitment process.

Really, Gene?

Why not just come out and say it? Being great is paying more than Mississippi State for a human Sasquatch to put at quarterback. I understand that’s a little too much to have your players repeat back to you, but it’s roughly the same idea.

Also, who is to say that being great IS expensive? Why can you not find a sale for being great? Try bargain shopping. I heard there are some great running backs for sale at the TJ Maxx or Target (But don’t go to Stein Mart. Their prices are only slightly cheaper than department store prices). So to correct your speech to your players, “being great can be found through thrifting.”



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