Cedar (Three) Point Loser

The other day, LeBron James tweeted this:

I hate to say it, but he is going to have to add Korked Bats to that list (of every single media outlet on the planet considering not one person hasn’t made fun of LeBron James this year).

A video was found on the internet the other day of LeBron James, newly acquired Miami Heat small forward/guard and playoff choke artist, took his talents to Cedar Point. Yes, that’s right, the amusement park.

Some how he got into a three point contest with some random kid.

And apparently, LeBron’s game just turns off in the summer, because he lost this contest too. I guess he already has one foot out the door of Cedar Point already and is ready to take his talents south to Disney World.

At one point in the video, after consecutive shots missed by LBJ, you can hear a fan say: “It’s just like the playoffs.”

I thought taking the easy way out and teaming up on the Miami All-Star team was a new career low for you, but losing a three point contest at an amusement park to a teenager. And it’s not only that you lost. You got destroyed. But don’t worry, LeBron, you have a ring waiting for you next June. One that you won’t even need to work for. Because we all know when you have to work for them, you never get them.


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