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Don’t start whining over the title of this post.

“Oh great! Corked Bats has gone all Oprah on us… This is just great! My number one website for sports entertainment has turned into some finer things club! A book club?! I’m a sports fan! I don’t read books!”
Calm down.
  • Yes, we started a book club.
  • Yes, we know most sports fans our meat heads.
  • Yes, we know this because we ourselves are meat heads.
  • Yes, we want to offer you ideas of great books to read.
  • Yes, in a sense, I guess it is sort of like Oprah. But only because she recommends books and so do we. We’re not going to be giving away free stuff every Christmas. Nor will we get others to go on diets with us every other month.
  • Yes, these books will be centered around sports so they will be enjoyable reads.
  • No, we will not recommend any Matt Christopher books.
• • •
Our premiere book in the Corked Bat’s Book Club is a good one. And I say this without reading it.
“Wait, how the heck do you know it’s good if you haven’t read it?!”
Three words: I lived it.
• • •
How to Successfully Manage Your Youth Baseball Team
The first book was written by my dad, Rod Huff, and it is all about successfully managing a youth baseball team.
Now I know this book may not spark interest into our target market (which consists of college student males in their late teens and early twenties… A.K.A. just our few friends who check on our site every now and then, and also Christine Conklin). However, you could always recommend the book to a parent, sibling, or friend who may be interested in coaching a baseball team of any age.
My dad has practically a decade of success in coaching youth baseball. He built a reputation in my home town of a winning baseball coach. Kids wanted to play for him and most importantly, parents wanted their kids to play for him. He was so well liked by every player and parent. Every year but one my dad’s team finished the season with a League Championship, Tournament Championship or Tournament Runner-Up, or sometimes even both. He never coached a losing season. His worst season was an 8-8 season, but we don’t like to talk about that year.
So trust me when I say, my dad knows what he is talking about. He obviously found the key to successfully putting together the ingredients of developing a winning team.
This book is informative as well entertaining because throughout the book, my dad included funny and enjoyable stories from all his years of coaching.
I helped proof-read a lot of this book, so I guess you can say that I have read it.
But trust me, this book will teach you a lot.
If you would like to learn more, check out these sites:


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2 thoughts on “CB’s Book Club

  • Avatar
    September 5, 2008 at 1:27 pm

    Wait, no Matt Christopher books? That was my childhood. I’m out.

  • Avatar
    September 6, 2008 at 11:51 pm

    Your dad wrote a book! I’m impressed…! Pretty awesome. Love that it’s all about youth baseball too.

    Thanks for the shout out. I love CB!

    Keep up the good work…


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