cBCS Week 8

Disclaimer: Huff has jumped ship to go to Austin leaving Zach to publish the rankings this week, so buckle up because you are in for a treat. 

cBCS Top 10
10. Georgia
This week: vs. Vandy
Reason: Matt Stafford is good. Knowshon Moreno is good. That is good for something. They just lost a starting offensive tackle for the season, and I do love tackles so that will hurt. This weekend will be a good test. They take the 10 spot over Mizzou because the Tigers loss was more recent and to a lower ranked team. 
9. Oklahoma State
This week: vs. Baylor
Reason: They looked good on Saturday. That was a very impressive win on the road. How often do you see stud quarterbacks get rattled when they are at home. They got in Chase’s head which is no easy task. I have only seen it happen a handful of times, and never at home. Baylor is tricky though. This has trap game written all over it. If this team does not get caught looking ahead, they are primed for a great season.
8. USC
This week: @ Washington State
Reason: USC is really good. They have more talent than anyone else in the country. They could easily be playing in Florida come January if Sanchez is healthy and if they can get up for the easy games. 
7. Texas Tech
This week: @ Texas A&M
Reason: That Nebraska game was ridiculous. I do not know what happened there. ربح المال من لعب الالعاب I imagine this team ending the season as the fourth best team in the Big 12 South (which is hella impressive for the conference). That offense has been awesome this year though and they still have not lost, which is the important thing. I think they have hope because of the commercials they made for Harrell and Crabtree for the Heisman. Hilarious. 
6. Florida
This week: IDLE
Reason: Although the SEC is no Big 12 (yes Glen, you were right), that win they picked up over LSU was legit. I believe in full disclosure, so let me also say that I am a huge Urban Meyer fan. This ranking might be a little biased, but that is what happens when Huff goes to Austin and I have to do the rankings. 
5. BYU 
This week: @ TCU 
Reason: I really like BYU. You can not find a blemish yet on their season so far. How many teams can say that? This TCU game will be a legit test. If they roll then watch out. It will be real interesting to see if they get a shot to play in the N.C. game if they go undefeated.  
4. Oklahoma 
This week: Kansas
Reason: They lost, and still looked really scary. That was just an awesome game. I have never seen a team score with so many bizarre touchdowns though. How you lose a game with mojo like that is crazy. Texas just played out of their minds. Losing starting linebacker Ryan Reynolds for the season will make this a little interesting though, because they were already very shallow at linebacker. The defense may be in trouble, and they are playing in the wrong conference to be having those kind of problems. كيف تربح في لعبة الروليت
3. Penn State
This week: Michigan 
Reason: They have just rolled all season long. Too bad the Big 10 blows, because I want to see them play somebody legit. Unless they just completely choke, I would say they have the inside track to the N.C. game. It will be interesting to see if a 1-loss Texas or Oklahoma could pass them up come January. 
2. Alabama
This week: Ole Miss
Reason: They have been really good this year. I do not know what happened in that Kentucky game, but they need to figure out how to beat crappy teams because they have a lot of them until the conference championship.
1. Texas
This week: Mizzou
Reason: They won the game of the season last week. That was an incredible game. Colt McCoy has really found his stride as a quarterback. He made all the throws he had do and was able to find to open guy when they needed him. It is a fact that Texas has some of the best talent around, it is just a matter of whether or not Mack Brown can get these boys to play. 
More Stuff:
  • We have been getting slammed by some of our readers, bringing accusations that our upset alerts are lame. Oklahoma was a 7 point favorite over Texas. If that is not an upset then I do not know what one is. We are not going to pick stupid upsets for the sake of picking upsets. The criteria is games where we think a legitimate favorite could go down. If you want me to just make uneducated predictions (like my K-State pick over Tech), then you are just going to have to go somewhere else. These are upsets, not blockbuster poll shattering picks. The best way to do that is to just pull names out of a hat and see if you get lucky. العاب بوكر للكبار  
  • Last week we said that if the Irish pulled off the road win it would be safe to say they are back. Not yet. It will be interesting what BCS bowl game they get this year. 
  • It will be interesting to see the Kansas game this weekend. I like the Rutgers comparison courtesy of loyal reader ‘imzachosborne’. My prediction is that Mangino is going to be kicking himself if he does not jump ship to a legit program real quick (see Greg Schiano).
  • And since we are talking about Kansas, turns out the fans failed to heed the pleas of Mangino and continued the ‘rip is *&$*ing head off” chant before kickoffs, only to get booed by their own alumni section. Classic. Classy. 
  • ESPN magazine cover curse perhaps? Also, over under on the Warren Buffet/Chase Daniel picture being shown during Mizzou games for the remainder of the season has been set at 3.5. 
  • Remember when Auburn was ranked in the top ten. They have officially hit rock bottom. I would say Tommy Tubberville has to be feeling the heat right now. Turns out that spread offense thingy is not as automatic as some teams make it look. 
  • Clemson fired head coach Tommy Bowden this week. They gave him a contract extension in the offseason only to have to pay $3.5 million to see him go. Doh! John Heisman is rolling in his grave. 
Underdog Picks 
Zach (2-1):
TCU over #9 BYU
Austin (3-0):
South Carolina over #13LSU

2 thoughts on “cBCS Week 8

  • Avatar
    October 16, 2008 at 11:32 am

    That “upset alert” last week was lame lame lame… I want you to grow some balls and pick a game that could be a legit upset, not one that could easily go either way and everybody knows it.

    Don’t blast me for wanting to see something with some girth to it. You are getting blasted by your readers because it is true. Last week was lame and shouldn’t be considered in your (2-1) record because it was hardly an upset.

    I don’t want you to pick games out of a hat, but I also don’t want to see some lame info that everybody already knows…. It isn’t news that way and if you continue to post old so-so stories your readership will decline. Give us something to keep us interested.

  • Avatar
    October 16, 2008 at 11:50 pm

    I’ll always be interested! I don’t think you are lame!

    I like that you used the words “hella” and “mojo”. :)

    Go Tigers!


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