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With exactly 6 months until Christmas… LeBron James received his gift from the Cleveland Cavaliers. And unlike my parents just giving me an outdated Shaq jersey, the Cavs gave LeBron the actual future Hall of Fame big man, Shaquille O’Neal. NOT FAIR MOM!

Believe your eyes, Mikey… You’ll be coaching The Diesel next season.

Think of the pre-game intros these two will come up with together next year.

• • •

Please now allow us, Korked Bats, to provide you with the beginnings to a photo album of a match made in Heaven… (A.K.A. Cleveland) Enjoy:

(And be sure to play this song as you scroll through the pictures. Listen to the music and scroll through very slowly. It adds to the effect, I promise.)

Shaq & Bron Bron
Together At Last!

By: Korked Bats

Oops! Sorry, I don’t know how that last one got in there.

This is only the start of what could be Cleveland’s first ever championship. For Cleveland fans who may feel that Shaq is washed up, trust me (because you have no reason not to), this is a very good thing for not only your team, but your entire city. And heck, years down the road, Shaq may just pop the question that is on everyone’s mind.

“LeBron, can you tell me how my ass tastes?”


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