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Bryce Harper Is The Baddest Man Alive, Undeterred By Coronavirus

Who’s the biggest bad ass in baseball? It’s Bryce Harper, and he wants you to know that.

According to Jim Salisbury of NBC Sports Philadelphia, Bryce Harper asked about the coronavirus today:

“I live, man,” the Phillies slugger said late Tuesday morning. “I don’t worry about a disease or a virus. I live my life. I’m doing everything the same. I’m shaking people’s hands, I’m high-fiving. I’m healthy. I’m 27. The people that are affected, it’s a lot of older and maybe some young, as well. But I just live my life.”

“I don’t worry about a disease or a virus.” What a freaking bad ass. I bet he flipped his hair right after he said that too. I love that he claims that a lot of the people are affected are a lot older, and then quickly realized he’s not entirely sure if that’s true, so he added, “and maybe some young, as well.”

I also love this part:

Harper spoke with reporters outside the Phillies’ clubhouse and he kept a distance of about eight feet. 

Bryce Harper’s like, “I don’t care about a deadly virus, but do you mind backing up to a slightly awkward distance for a conversation?” He said he was just following the rules (total Mormon move), and told the reporter he wouldn’t hesitate to give any of the reporters a hug (again, total Mormon move).

I could go for the easy joke here and say Bryce Harper isn’t afraid of coronavirus because after living in Philadelphia for a year, he’s already immune to any disease… so I will. Bryce Harper isn’t afraid of coronavirus because after living in Philadelphia for a year, he’s already immune to any disease.

That contract is really going to bite the Philadelphia Phillies in the ass if Bryce ends up getting coronavirus and has to miss time.

This is the cockiest Bryce Harper has been during spring training since, “Where’s my ring?”

Oh great. Now Bryce is gonna be the first MLBer with coronavirus.




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