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BREAKING NEWS: The Tennessee Titans Play Four Square In Their Locker Room

When I’m not doing radio in Chicago or making content for Korked Bats, I’m usually hosting a podcast called Titan Up Podcast for AtoZ Sports in Nashville. It’s a fun podcast. Some say it’s the most fun podcast. You should check it out sometime (Make sure to leave 4.5 stars for the Titan Up idiots and .5 stars to Buck). Much like Korked Bats, that podcast loves sports, but in the least serious way possible. We don’t take ourselves or our content too seriously. But that’s not to say we don’t still break some news. On this last week’s episode, AtoZ Sports Titans writer Sam Phalen joined the podcast and broke the news that the Tennessee Titans play four square in the locker room.

You read that right.

The National Football League’s Tennessee Titans get down with an elementary school recess game in their clubhouse.

And I’ve never loved anything more. In fact, immediately, I wanted to know more. Who’s the best player? Are cherry bombs allowed? What about electric lines? Black Magic? Are guys allowed to spin on serves? Is it dealer’s choice for the 4th square?

Luckily, when Sam went into the locker room the next day, he reported back with some answers.

That’s Pulitzer-level reporting, IMO. Seriously. Give Sam a raise.

If he can foursquare amidst his injury, I say let him. He’s earned it. Plus, four square isn’t near as physical as football. Right? Ok, maybe sometimes it can be. But all in all, this is awesome. I’m looking forward to more developments on this Four Square front. Tournaments? Change of balls? Anything. Hell, let the dudes play hopscotch, freeze tag, and Red Rover as well. Make the locker room a full-fledged recess. Let these dudes have some fun and get rolling. Because a happy work place creates happy workers and creates great output. That’s why every tech company in Silicon Valley has like food trucks, free massages, top-notch gyms, smoothie machines, etc. If you make the office fun, it makes employees want to stay at the office. And with a 1-2 start, the Titans need to stay at the office more. However, if they lose to the Colts or any more games, then shut everything down. Or at very least, outlaw cherry bombs.

Check out the full podcast, and our in-depth follow up questions here:


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