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Big Ben Turned 39 Today, So Let’s See Where Other QBs Were When They Were 39

This will forever be my favorite picture of Big Ben Roethlisberger. Will I ever stop using it? No, absolutely not. If I could make it my drivers license photo I would.

Today, March 2nd is this legend’s birthday. The Big 3-9 for the Big Benny.

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When you take a look around the league these days, especially with Philip Rivers riding off into the sunset with his 18 – wait, now 19 – children, the average age of today’s quarterback is going down. With the exception of Tom Brady, the ageless wonder, it has been increasingly difficult for aging quarterbacks to find success in the NFL. What better way to celebrate 39 than by seeing where other notable quarterbacks were at his age.

With Philip Rivers retiring, large-and-in-charge Benjamin is the last quarterback standing, so-to-speak, from the 2004 NFL Draft. I think he’s earned the right to call himself an “old guy.” But being 39, doesn’t necessarily make you old, just ask Thomas Brady and his TB12 Method. So how does Sizable Ben stack up against other 39-year-olds?

Terry Bradshaw

What better way to start this list than with a former Steeler quarterback great, Terry Bradshaw. Some argue that Terry is “the original TB12.” The former number 1 overall pick and 4-time Super Bowl champ clearly didn’t need to play until 39 to find success. Terry retired as a 33-year-old and presumably started his career with NFL Fox? Just a guess.

Despite the hairline, Terry was not 39 in this picture.

Dan Marino

Now that we’ve covered the former Steeler quarterback, what about a quarterback that’s actually from Pittsburgh. Danny Marino, born and raised in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh and even played his college ball at the University of Pittsburgh in the same neighborhood. العاب قمار Dan was lucky enough to play his entire career with the Dolphins until 1999. Dan turned 39 in 2000. Looks like we’re 0 for 2 so far. Dan may not have won a Super Bowl, but he’s been in at least 1 more movie than Enormous Ben.

Brett Favre

No, Brett wasn’t slinging Copper Fit or Wrangler Jeans yet. At 39, Brett was traded to the New York Jets for a conditional fifth-round pick. He had a surprisingly similar season to Immense Ben this past season. He led the Jets to an 8-3 start and then proceeded to lose the next 4 out of 5 games to end the season. Not gonna lie, I’d rather play for the Jeans than the Jets.

Josh McCown

Speaking of the Jets, do they just habitually sign 39-year-old quarterbacks? Do they know they can sign younger guys? Josh, who I feel like has been on almost every team in the NFL, spent his 39th year with the Jets. Josh was competing with Teddy Bridgewater (before he was traded to the Saints) and Sam Darnold for the coveted* starting spot. Perhaps we’ll see Massive Benjamin competing with Mason Rudolph and Josh Dobbs this year? Only time will tell.

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Drew Brees

39 wasn’t the best year for Drew Brees. Sure, he was still a starting quarterback in the NFL, but let’s call that season a wash for him. Or let’s not call it, depending on which referee you ask.

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Peyton Manning

Here we go, FINALLY! A quarterback who found success at 39. Peyton helped lead the Broncos to a Super Bowl. العب بلاك جاك اون لاين The first quarterback to win a Super Bowl with 2 different teams. While it doesn’t seem like Colossal Ben isn’t going to be suiting up in a different jersey this year, it’s reassuring to know that a great defense can help lead you to a Super Bowl. Just ask Peyton.

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Tom Brady

The anomaly. The only person that has arguably gotten better with age in the NFL. 39 for Tom, at this point, feels like decades ago. I’m pretty sure I was still in diapers when Tom was 39. Thomas “The Goat” Brady won his FIFTH Super Bowl at age 39. Maybe there really is some method to the TB12 madness. Which Super Bowl was that, you ask? Oh, just the most ridiculous Super Bowl win of his career when the Falcons blew a 28-3 lead.

Atlanta Falcons Blew A 28-3 Lead In The Super Bowl - Disney Edition GIF |  Gfycat

Also, did you guys know Tom Brady is 43?


This list proves that age is just a number. Perhaps he’s just getting started if you ask Tom Brady. Or perhaps I’m just a delusional Steelers fan. موقع رهانات

Happy Birthday, Mammoth Ben.

That’s my quarterback.

P.S. Here’s two Ben RoeTHUMBergers up for your special day.


A.D. is a Steelers season ticket holder and remembers when Wiz Khalifa was good. He hails from Pitt(sburgh), and has swam in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.


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