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Better Favre Coverage Please?

So here it is in the middle of the night (morning, if you want to be technical), and I am in my kitchen eating my nightly bowl of cereal and watching Sportscenter, recapping on the top news of the sports world from today.

There were a few things about Sportscenter that I wanted to BLOG about.


Anyone who is alive whether you like sports or not has heard about Brett Favre.

If you don’t know who this is, it’s the Wrangler Jeans guy who is playing a casual game of touch football in a field. (While wearing his Wranglers of course! And smiling REALLY big! Gah, how can a man be that happy while playing a pick up game of football in jeans?!)

Sorry, I veered off topic.

But Brett Favre has been in the news since about March off and on. He “retired” in March but never signed the official retiring papers. Now he is claiming that he wants back in the league.

I am not here to give my opinion on the matter, I am just giving the Cliff Notes version of the event.

Since about April, when people started talking about a possible come back the news has grown each day. I don’t think a day has gone by in which Sportscenter has not mentioned the future hall of famer in a show.

This is not what I am upset about. I love #4, I hope he comes back and wins a Super Bowl. In fact, I would rather him come back and win a title for the Pack then the Titans win a Super Bowl. (Of course, a Titans – Packers would be a nice matchup for the big game.)

Let him come back… You know he is already missing the game being bored at home during retirement. He is probably doing this.

The thing that upsets me is that on Sportscenter, NFL Live, PTI, Around the Horn, ESPNEWS, Rome Is Burning, Outside The Lines, Mike and Mike In The Morning, The Best of Mike and Mike In The Morning, ESPN’s First Take, The World Series of Poker, you name IT! ANY and EVERY show on ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN CLASSIC, ESPNEWS, and even ESPN 8 “The Ocho” airs the same dang clips of Brett Favre on each broadcast.

I mean come on! The man has been in the league for 17 years… SEVENTEEN!

And he hasn’t missed a start since his first one. With his Ripken like record of consecutive starts, you would think we would be able to go three years (at least) without seeing the same highlight twice.

But no.

Instead, all we see is:
  • His record breaking touchdown slant pass against the Vikings.
  • Him picking up one of his receivers.
  • Him walking out of the tunnel with Aaron Rogers with his hands in built in hand warmer.
  • The four or five shots of him with his hands in the air after throwing a touchdown.
  • About three or four of the fist pumps.
  • The aftermath after his record breaking touchdown pass, where he throws some fist pumps and then throws his hands in the air.
  • The play against the Giants where he rolls out to his right, pump fakes, gets the defensive player in the air and then threads the needle by throwing a touchdown in the back corner of the end zone.
  • The shot of him by him self with his head down in the cold.
  • The shot of him with his helmet off in his away uniform looking off into space.
  • The deep pass he throws to a diving receiver against the Panthers.
  • His final pass thrown, the interception against the Giants in overtime.
  • The clip where he hits an open receiver in the back of the end zone while they are in their away uniforms.
  • The really quick cuts of him making a throwing motion.
Come on, ESPN. Dig deep into your archives!

Call Steve Sabol and ask him for some NFL Films footage!

If you don’t acquire anything good (which won’t happen… the man is a HALL OF FAMER TO BE!), then show us something like:
To me, any of these things clips would be more exciting/entertaining then the same ones they play each day.

Sorry ESPN, but if I am going to hear about this well into football season and possibly the playoffs depending on how well a Favre led team does, then I need some diversity!

And finally…

The second thing I wanted to say goes out to anyone who has ever made fun of me for watching MTV’s The Hills.

If anyone noticed on July 12th’s episodes of Sportscenter, during the Blue Jays vs. Yankees highlight of Roy Halladay’s complete game shut out, Robert Flores made a Hills reference.

“Like Spencer from The Hills, Halladay was delivering the cheese!”
-Robert Flores, July 12th, 2008

So for all of you who DON’T watch The Hills, I’m sorry if you didn’t get it! Better start watching this season (which starts up this August. Exact date, TBA).

And for those of you who DO watch The Hills, you probably appreciate it as much as you appreciate the new AT&T Commercial.

That is all for tonight. I need some sleep.

Thanks for reading…


Austin hosts a country music morning radio show in Chicago after nearly a decade in sports talk radio (The Jim Rome Show, Steve Gorman SPORTS!) Colin Cowherd and Smash Mouth follow him on Twitter and he wears pants every day.


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