Best Pictures From The 2014 Olympics

Since most of us didn’t really watch them, let’s relive the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games through our collection of the best photos from the event.

The best way to describe curling:
Brad Jacobs Brad Jacobs Brad Jacobs
In Sochi Russia, camera take picture with you:
Grandma Backwards Picture
Remember that night Bob Costas gave us his best Stuart Scott impression:
Bob Costas Eye
But then we realized… He might have pink eye:
Bob Costas Eyes
Either that or he’s been sent here from the future to kill Sarah Connor:
Bob Costas Terminator
But it was cool, because his eyes looked a lot better by Valentine’s Day:
Bob Costas Valentine
The Sochi Games proved to us that the Olympics are really, really hard:
Photo Feb 08, 9 27 28 AM
For those wondering where Macaulay Culkin has been since Home Alone, apparently, he was training to become an Olympic figure skater:
Macaulay Culkin Olympics
Heh… heh… She has a mic for each boob:
Mic Per Boob Olympic Opening Ceremony
That fifth ring is actually an asterisk, to remind us to never let Russia host the Olympics ever again:
Olympic Rings Opening Ceremony
But then when Russia made fun of themselves in the closing ceremonies, we changed our minds:
Fifth Ring Closing Ceremony
Here is a shot of the audience from Sochi’s Opening Ceremonies:
Sochi Dogs
Remember when the US Women’s Hockey Team was this close to winning the gold:
This Close To Gold
The Closing Ceremonies did a great job of reminding us that the Olympics gathers the world’s stiffest competition:
Phalympic Gamed Closing Ceremony
On some days, it got really warm in Sochi. Like, really really warm:
Warm Sochi 2014

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