Okay, so I was thinking about the Rose Bowl.

I am not supposed to have “favorites” because we don’t want to “alienate” anyone from reading Korked Bats.

BUT.  I am an Oregon Ducks fan.  I like to quack loudly around my house when we are winning and sometimes when we are losing and/or when there are LSU fans around.  I will sometimes even waddle if it feels right (and it usually does).  I have never cared for one minute about Wisconsin anything.  Except for this one time, I had this seriously good squeaky cheese from Wisconsin.  I cared about that.  Recently, I realized that I have been promoting the Badgers.  I honestly didn’t see this coming, so I will take this opportunity to put myself on blast.  Sorry, Ducks.  I still want you to win.

I have been promoting the Badgers by the outfits I have been wearing.

Yes, that is a badger on my head.  I have worn the junk out of my badger hat.  I didn’t realize who or what I was supporting.

I wish my unintentional support of the badgers stopped there.  But there’s more.

“Have you guys seen the Honey Badger video?” is a sentence I have said over one hundred times since I saw that crazy YouTube video a month ago.  I have sent it to people in emails, referenced it in jokes and told strangers about it.  If the badgers are anything like the badger in that video, the Ducks don’t stand a chance.  I mean that honey badger got bitten by a cobra, died a little, and then got BACK UP!?!  WHAT?  Not that I don’t believe in my ducks, but I am afraid of the honey badger. The YouTube one. Not the LSU one.

Don’t let this little guy with his hands crossed, fool you.  This is no mild mannered, door opening, someone you’d bring home to mom.

No.  Eating whatever he wants.  Doing whatever he wants.  They don’t care if there poison involved.  They just eat it anyways.

To make up for my lack of Duck spirit and to swing the loyalty flag back in my direction, I will be wearing this outfit this afternoon.  It’s Duck Time.  No more Badger Spirit for me.

Other then, I will probably still wear that hat when I am going to trendy coffee shops or staying warm.  Or if I am going into a street fight with a cobra or gang member.

• • •

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