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Athletes That Are Two Talented

Herschel Walker’s Diet of Champions

When you think of the greatest Heisman winners of all time, a few names come to mind: Archie Griffin, Desmond Howard, Herschel Walker, and of course, Eddie George. And as much as I would love to focus on Eddie, Herschel Walker just pulled off a pretty impressive accomplishment. Not only was he an amazing running back and able to single handedly ruin the Vikings franchise in the mid-90s, but he is now has undefeated professional MMA fighter on his resume. We rarely ever poke fun at MMA, with just cause, but it seems crazy that a 47 year old is able to come in and beat the crap out of another pro fighter. But when you think about it, Herschel isn’t the first person to go beyond their respected sport. Honestly, it is pretty common for athletes to excel in later careers. So in honor of Walker, let’s look at some of our favorite players who are “Two Talented”:

Deion Sanders
Easily the most famous Two Talented athlete of all time. Not only was Prime Time an All-Pro cornerback, but he was also an amazing outfielder, and even ran track in college. He is also the only person to ever play in both the Super Bowl and the World Series.

Two Talented Fact:
Once played an entire game for the Falcons and then rode a helicopter to Turner Field to play an entire game for the Braves.

Shaquille O’Neal
Not only has Shaqtus dominated the NBA since entering the league, but the 4-Time Champion has also been able to make a name for himself off the court. He has been an actor, a video game character, and he is even a reserve police officer (a much better one than Steven Seagal).

Two Talented Fact:
Only player in the NFL, MLB, or NBA with a platinum album.
Has never beaten Aaron Carter in 1-on-1.

Master P
Before he was able to “Make Um Say Uhh!”, Percy Miller was an all-conference basketball player at the University of Houston. He went on to pursue his rapping career, but was able to play for both the Charlotte Hornets and the Toronto Raptors in the late 90s. He is also the father to Lil’ Romeo, who now plays basketball for Southern Cal.

Two Talented Fact:
While on the 2nd season of Dancing With the Stars, Master P received the lowest score every week he was on, including the lowest score in the show’s history 8 out of 30.

Jim Brown
Not only was Brown statistically the greatest running back of all time, but in his time at Syracuse, he was an All-American on both the football and lacrosse teams as well as the 2nd leading scorer on the basketball team. After dominating the NFL, he has pursued a decently successful acting career.

Two Talented Fact:
A member of both the NFL Hall of Fame and the Lacrosse Hall of Fame.
Beat the crap out of some martians.

Chris Andersen
Most of you know the Birdman as that trashy white guy with all those tattoos. But besides being one of the best reserves in the NBA right now, it appears that Andersen is wanting to add acting to his resume. Looks like “it’s time for the Birdman to fly.”

Two Talented Fact:
This and This

I know that there are many more athletes out there who have been able to excel outside of their respected sports. Tiki Barber is a political analyst, Tony Dungy writes children’s books, and even Ricky Williams is a masseuse. So I guess Herschel Walker being a dominant fighter isn’t that weird. We like to focus our posts on the athletes and the stupid/bizarre/funny things they do. But once these guys are done with their sport, some of them are Two Talented for one career.

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    February 5, 2010 at 3:16 am

    Really? No mention of Bo Jackson? Possibly the most beastly athlete of all time. I’d say way more successful at two sports the Prime Time. The guy was a force in the NFL and even won an all-star game MVP award in baseball.


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