Apparently Camping In Walt Disney World When It’s Closed Is Frowned Upon

If you were planning on breaking into a closed Disney World during a global pandemic and camping, maybe pump the breaks, because apparently Disney doesn’t like it when people do that.

Here’s the story from TMZ:

The Alabama man, 42-year-old Richard McGuire, was arrested after Disney security eyed him camping out on the island.

Here’s the thing. Discovery Island has been closed since 1999. Disney has changed its use of a wildlife park, but the various buildings on the island have remained intact. He was staying in one of the buildings when security found him.

McGuire was camping on the Island since Tuesday, but at some point, security realized something was up. They pulled out their bullhorns and ordered him to come out, but there was no response. The effort was then buttressed with boats, a helicopter and foot patrol.

I can’t imagine it’s a good thing if Disney has to bust out their SWAT team to take you down. I’m sure they did it all with a song however, because, well, Disney.

Honestly, if I was going to break into Disney World to camp for a few days, I don’t think I’d hit up Discovery Island first. Sure, it’s secluded, but I’d opt for Tom Sawyer Island first. That place is dope with both caves and a fort. Then maybe I’d try to swing for River Country which has been abandoned since 2001. Also, I’m a huge beach guy, so camping on one of the lake beaches at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort would be pretty cool.

I love how Disney just abandons resorts and just leaves them there. They’re like ‘well we built this multi-acre water park, but now it sucks so we’re not going to use it anymore like the end pieces on a loaf of bread.’

As for Ricky McGuire, I feel like this man should be celebrated, if anything, for taking social distancing to a level no one else has. He literally not only found a closed down park within Disney World, but a closed down park that is a freaking island.

The place is called Discovery Island. How are you going to discover anything if there’s nothing there! If anything he was just providing the island its namesake.

I also love this part of the story:

McGuire said he was “unaware” he was trespassing, despite the numerous “No Trespassing” signs plastered near the island.

Oh you mean those signs that read “No Trespassing” on an island that’s been deserted for two decades? I thought they were just suggestions.

So what’s his punishment?

The Alabama resident now faces a misdemeanor trespassing charge. Even worse, he’s been banned from all Disney parks.

Technically, that’s not really a punishment considering we’re ALL banned from Disney parks right now. And with how expensive Disney park passes already are, you should be given a lifetime pass to camp there whenever global pandemics hit. It’s only fair.

Anyway, here’s some abandoned footage of Discovery Island.


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