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I stated in my West bracket analysis that Memphis will falter and I came about 5 minutes from looking awesome. Robert Sallie, who averaged 4.5 points per game this year for Memphis pulled the game of his life out of nowhere dropping 35 (10-15 from 3), grabbing 3 steals, and pulling down 4 boards. And then he closed his eyes and yelled.

He therefore gets my “Destiny’s Child – Survivor Award”.

Give it up for John Salley… err, I mean Robert Sallie everybody!

One thought on “Almost A Genius

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    March 20, 2009 at 1:38 pm

    this is me trying to like your blog, austin. really, im trying to be interested in random sports facts that make no sense to me, but i just don’t know if this relationship is going to last much longer. i hope you understand.


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