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What is Korked Bats?

We are a sports blog that takes pride in not only delivering you sports, but making you laugh in the process. Let us know if you think our work is funny. Don’t let us know if you don’t think our work is funny.

Drink milk, read Korked Bats, squirt milk out nose while laughing.

Who writes for Korked Bats?

It’s safe to say that we really like sports. Well, we like other things too. Like pop culture, movies, sports, waffles, sports, eskimos, food, Columbus Day, pogs, music, Ace of Base, and sports.

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Well, you should be more observant and click that tab at the top of the page saying, “Write For Us.” We’ll have you write us an e-mail, at mail@korkedbats.com, with your basic information (name, age, grade, favorite Bill Murray movie, etc.) and we will get back to you with further details and requirements.

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