A Photo Gallery Of Sad Urban Meyer Pics

The Ohio State Buckeyes lost to the Michigan State Spartans in the Pop Warner Championship Game Big Ten Championship Game, 34-24, on Saturday night. Unfortunately for the Buckeyes, they not only lost the game, but the opportunity to go to the National Championship game and troll SEC fans everywhere as well.

This led to a very sad Urban Meyer.

And unless you’re an Ohio State fan, we all LOVE to see a sad Urban Meyer. So we collected as many photos as we could find of Sad Urban Meyer from Saturday night. NOTE: If you have any that we didn’t post, please tweet them to us at @korkedbats, and we will post them.

Sad Urban 1

Sad Urban Meyer has an itch on the back of his neck.

• • •

Sad Urban 7

Sad Urban Meyer has something in his eye.

• • •

Sad Urban 5

Sad Urban Meyer’s neck still itches.

• • •

Sad Urban 9

Sad Urban Meyer wishes he would’ve gotten Beats by Dre instead of these popcorn bowl headphones.

• • •

Sad Urban 6

Sad Urban Meyer can’t stop this itch on the back of his neck.

That itch must be ranked in the top 25.

• • •

Sad Urban 2

Sad Urban Meyer thinking to himself, “I’m going to have to spend more time with my family now, aren’t I?”

• • •

Sad Urban 13

Patting the logo on Happy Mark Dantonio’s jacket is the only time Sad Urban Meyer can beat a Spartan.

• • •

Sad Urban 12

Here’s another angle of Sad Urban Meyer embracing Happy Mark Dantonio.

• • •

Sad Urban 3

Heck, how about one more angle of Sad Urban Meyer wanting nothing to do with Happy Mark Dantonio.

• • •

Big Ten Championship Football

This isn’t Sad Urban Meyer, but he’s still sad.

• • •

Sad Urban 8

At least Sad Urban Meyer got to be escorted off by Andy Richter Policeman.

• • •

Sad Urban 10

Sad Urban Meyer thinking to himself, “The only thing that could make me happy right now is to eat a Papa John’s pizza on a golf cart.”

• • •

Sad Urban 4

“Nevermind. Still not happy.” -Sad Urban Meyer.

• • •

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