A Lot Of People Will Try And Tell You Derrick Henry Is Done, But Here’s The Rebuttal Against It

We’ve got a new football writer slandering Derrick Lamar Henry Jr. This is nothing new. We’ve been here before. Last year, it was that doofus who said he was the 5th best back in the league. Now this year it’s a dweeb using analytics to claim he’s toast.

We’re going to be getting a lot of this now.

Ever since Derrick Henry injured himself for the first time in his career on October 31st of last year, we’re going to get a lot of people claiming his career is done. Why? Because every other running back’s shelf life is – on average – 4 years. But Derrick Henry isn’t average. Then they’ll say, “Well, there’s the law of 400 touches.” Basically the law is that whenever a running back gets 400 touches in a year, his career withers away fast. Which, don’t get me wrong, has some truth to it. But no other running back that has seen that workload has been Derrick’s size with his strength, so it feels a bit off to lump him into that group.

Plus, when it comes to the 400 touches club, Emmitt Smith did it FOUR times. As did Eric Dickerson. Curtis Martin, Edgerrin James & LaDainian Tomlinson did it 3 times. Ricky Williams, Terrell Davis, & Walter Payton did it twice. All of those guys seem to have had pretty successful careers. And again, Derrick is physically larger & stronger than all the above. So why can’t he be the exception as well?

What because of his BMT%? Get the hell out of here with your algorithms trying to predict the future. They’re as useful as tarot cards.


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