A Boozer In High School

There are a bunch of things that don’t bode well when mixed. Oil and water. Salt and slugs. Bill Clinton and male interns. Paris Hilton and education. And Boozers and high school. Not necessarily alcoholics, just Boozers as in Carlos Boozer of the Chicago Bulls. (Of course, that’s not to say that alcohol in high school is OK, because it’s not)

Here’s the story, Gatorade and Carlos Boozer teamed up to allow a high school student from Brother Rice in Chicago a chance to beat Boozer for a $5,000 prize for his school.

Some people believe that Carlos Boozer didn’t give it his all and may have allowed the high schooler to win. Maybe that’s true, maybe it’s not. However, one this is for sure, he didn’t confiscate the tapes after losing (coughcoughLEBRONcough).


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