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14 New Kentucky Basketball T-Shirt Ideas

Kentucky 40-0 T-Shirts

Before the college basketball season even started, many believed this year’s Kentucky Wildcats team would become the first undefeated team in NCAA Division 1 Men’s Basketball since the 1975-76 Indiana Hoosiers. In fact, many Kentucky fans were so confident the team would finish unscathed, they launched a website 40and0.com and printed 40-0 t-shirts.

Kentucky started the season very strong, becoming the first college basketball team to go 38-0, but unfortunately, the Wildcats eventually lost to the Wisconsin Badgers in the Final Four, 71-64, ending their season with a 38-1 record.

So we figured Kentucky will need a whole new line of t-shirts to sell, so we came up with some ideas…

New Kentucky Shirt 3

New Kentucky Shirt 4

New Kentucky Shirt 13

New Kentucky Shirt 10

New Kentucky Shirt 6

New Kentucky Shirt 5

New Kentucky Shirt 8

New Kentucky Shirt 7

New Kentucky Shirt 9

New Kentucky Shirt 14


New Kentucky Shirt 11

New Kentucky Shirt 12

New Kentucky Shirt 2


New Kentucky Shirt 1

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